Child abuses family dog in front of his mother – act now!

A video showing a child abusing a family dog is being shared all across Facebook these days.

The footage is truly upsetting and worrisome: the child can be seen pulling the dog’s tail repeatedly and grabbing him by his ears a few times. The dog clearly doesn’t seem to be enjoying this treatment as he tries to pull away every time his young master touches him. But as soon as the dog runs away, the child comes right by again and the terrible scene seems to go on like this forever.

The most shocking part is the fact that the boy’s mother is right nearby, but instead of intervening, she laughs and encourages her child to keep on going hitting the dog.

There is no words to describe what I have seen in the video! This mother is completely irresponsible and that child should be taught a lesson about how to treat pets! Encouraging your child to abuse the family pet is simply staggering and unacceptable!

Given the actions that unfold in the video, it is obvious this woman is incapable of having a pet. That poor dog should be removed from her hands immediately, it’s no longer safe for him in there!

The mother lives in Juneau, Alaska. Her identity continue to remain a mistery. Please ask authorities to intervene and get that dog out of there as soon as possible.

The dog is slapped over the face several times


The child also pulls the dog’s tail a couple of times


The entire scene unfolds in front of the boy’s mother, who does nothing but laugh


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