One Terrified Kitten Was Rescued from the Side of the Road. Her Transformation is Unbelievable

One shy "meow" led this kitten to her rescuer.  

I don’t know many people who would help an animal in need, especially if it requires a lot of time and energy to help it heal.

The good thing is that these people do exist and they make our world a better place to live, because taking care of the animals means being compassionate and empathetic and those are the traits that help the globe go round.

Peter Kalpana is a kind man who rescued a fragile kitten that was on the brink of death. One simple ‘meow’ coming from the side of the road was enough for him to stop and check what was going on.

The poor baby was scared and puzzled so Peter took her in his arms. It was probably the first time ever that this tiny creature felt safe.

Peter realized the tiny feline was hydrated so he gave her some water and then took her to the nearest vet’s hospital.


There, it was determined how the kitten was starved. On top of that she was so filthy that she needed an immediate bath. Luckily, Peter was more than happy to give it to her.

He fell in love with the cute creature so much that he took her home and fed her formula milk until she was ready to drink and eat all by herself.

And yes, after her ever first bath, her fluffiness got to gleam.

Peter found his new best friend, or better said, Hetty found hers.

The moment she entered her new home it felt like she had been part of it since forever.


Hetty now resembles a completely new cat. She’s vibrant, friendly, and very happy around her humans who gave her a second chance at life.


Peter shared a video of Hetty’s incredible transformation because he want’s more people to do what he did, to save a life in need of salvation.

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