Puppy Abandoned In Scorching Heat Cries Inconsolably, Man Stops & Finds 6 More

Construction worker Sebastian Bushey was driving along the wilderness around Grand Ronde River in Washington State, when he noticed a heavily distressed puppy sitting on a pile of stones on the dirt road. The temperature that day was about 105 degrees Fahrenheit, and the puppy’s paws were hurting from the extreme heat.  

Sebastian stopped his truck and proceeded to check on the puppy. He realized that the puppy had been waiting by the road for hours, but no one ever bothered to help him. The 28-year-old was ready to rescue the puppy, but he got distracted by some movement in the overgrowth.


Sebastian was shocked to see an entire litter of puppies crawling out from the bush behind the puppy. The poor babies were weakened and in bad shape, and the bush was the only cover they could find. It was clear that their owner had left the 7 puppies to die in the scorching heat.


The puppies were in desperate need of medical care due to dehydration, so Sebastian immediately drove them to the vet. He later fed them water and dog food, and then got them accommodated at a local shelter.



Thanks to Sebastian’s kindness, the puppies are now healthy and safe at the shelter. They will be put up for adoption when they are old enough. We hope these adorable furballs find loving forever homes and never have to face abandonment again.

Click the video below to watch the heartbreaking rescue story of these 7 innocent puppies.