She Hung Her Head In Shame As Her Crusty Skin Bled, But Now She’s ‘Unrecognizable’

On Christmas Eve, Lauren Buckley and Brooke Cole brought home an abandoned dog to foster through Brown Dog Coalition, and she was in dire need of help.  

She was in such bad shape that Buckley feared she would succumb to her infections before they could get her to a vet. She had a putrid odor, she couldn’t see, she had lost all of her hair, and she bled all over the place.


But not only did Lainey survive, she thrived and surpassed every single expectation!

Lainey was diagnosed with demodectic mange and secondary skin infections, and was prescribed antibiotics and ivermectin to combat the infections and mites that were all over her painful skin.


As the days went on, Lainey’s skin began to heal and her fur started growing back in. Before they knew it, Lainey was completely unrecognizable! Her red and crusty bleeding skin soon turned into beautiful brown and tan fur.

Not only did Lainey look better on the outside, but she felt better on the inside as well. She was finally feeling good again and was always flashing her smile and wagging her tail.


And the best part? She’s found a forever home with a lovely woman named Kelly and her husband, who resides in Smyrna, Georgia.

Lainey isn’t the only dog who Lauren and Brooke have helped. They have nursed countless dogs back to health – both physically and emotionally.

For months at a time, they help their foster dogs attain incredible transformations and teach them life skills that they carry on into their forever homes.

“We would do it all again, because today we get to send off a beautiful, spunky, sweet, healthy dog who has nothing but wonderful things in store for her.”

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